Ufufuo Health Center

In 2005 started the development of Ufufuo Health Center in Bukoba Tanzania, which is one of the most modern in Kagera region. It is owned and administered by the Metropolis of Mwanza, Orthodox Church in Tanzania under the jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Alexandria.


Community Clinic for Heart Failure in Athens

Since July 2014 and in order to meet the needs that were created in our country due to the economic crisis, KEDAS created a Community Clinic for heart failure in Athens, Greece (Μikras Asias 67, Goudi), to monitor and treat patients with end-stage heart failure. These patients have limited or non-existent access to organized health care structures. It is noteworthy that the systematic monitoring of such patients is reported to reduce hospital admissions by up to 75%.

School in Nakabale Uganda

Back in 2002 we started the construction of a school in Nakabale area, east of Kabala which was completed in 2004. The school was equipped with modern equipment, and has employed local staff. Today hundreds of students attend annually.

Regional health centers in rural areas of Uganda

In 2003 started the construction of four regional health centers in Nawango, Nsimze, Bugolo and Gulu areas in Uganda which was completed in 2005.
The regional centers were equipped with modern medical and hospital equipment. Today, these regional health centers are able to provide services to people living in remote areas where access to central hospitals with the existing infrastructures is difficult.

Hospital in Kabala

The renovation and extension of the facilities of the current hospital of Kabala, capital of Uganda started in 1998 and was completed in 2002.
The hospital was equipped with modern medical equipment and tools.It has an outpatient clinic, laboratories, dental, and ophthalmology clinic, a surgery, an immunization room and 41 beds for patients.
Today, in cooperation with the government entities and under the auspices of the Orthodox Church of Kabala it provides health services to thousands patients annually.